Jun 5 2023

Morrison Mahoney Partner Tory Weigand Honored with MassDLA President's Award

Tory WeigandMM MassDLA attendees

BOSTON, MA – On Friday, June 2, Morrison Mahoney Partner Tory Weigand was awarded the 2023 Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association (MassDLA) President’s Award. The MassDLA’s President’s Award recognizes an outstanding member of the Massachusetts legal community and their significant contributions to the legal profession and community. The award is presented each year at MassDLA’s Annual Meeting.

Presenting the award was MassDLA President Christine Knipper, who shared fond words of Tory and the outstanding work that earned him the award.

“The MassDLA wishes to recognize Tory Weigand for his significant contributions to legal issues that have a profound impact on our clients and on our profession,” Knipper said. “Tory briefed and argued the Doull decision, where our SJC expressly stated that we conclude that a ‘but for’ standard, rather than a ‘substantial factor’ standard is the appropriate standard. Tory continues to shepherd the positive effect of that ruling by making the Defense Bar aware of how the decision is being used and sometimes misapplied.

“He has been a strong voice in support of the return to the 12-person jury and has briefed that issue impressively. If you have ever spoken with Tory, he has this passion for legal issues—issues that are not just important to us, as members of the bar, but to our clients and issues that are important to the practice of law and the administration of justice. Tory is kind and humble, and it is a great pleasure that the MassDLA recognizes Tory Weigand,” she said.

“All of us at Morrison Mahoney applaud Tory for receiving this well-earned award from the MassDLA. Tory works tirelessly to successfully represent his clients in high profile matters in medical malpractice, professional liability and more,” said Scott Burke, Managing Partner of Morrison Mahoney. “His continued dedication to his practice has resulted in an insurmountable contribution to the legal profession and community in Massachusetts and beyond, and the recognition he receives with this award is beyond deserved. Congratulations Tory!"

Tory accepted his award among respected colleagues and esteemed members of the legal community.

“I am extremely humbled and honored by this recognition from such an esteemed and thoughtful group and organization. It is so important for us to never stop pursuing and advocating for quality of justice and to constantly seek opportunities to change or clarify the law so it keeps with our evolving times,” said Tory on his award. “The work and success in the Doull decision is just an example of the power of perseverance in principles you believe in. Whether addressing such things as the current and continued suspension of civil juries of 12 in the Superior Court, or the antiquated and misplaced standard applicable to gross negligence, we must remain steadfast in our vigilance as advocates against sacrificing the quality of justice for administrative ease, backlog, or convenience, even in times of social stress, and forever incorporate into our practice the pursuit of fair and principled law beginning at the trial level. I am very thankful to Christine Knipper, President of the MassDLA and its Board of Directors and members for this award."

Tory is a partner of Morrison Mahoney working out of both the Boston and Springfield offices. Tory joined Morrison Mahoney LLP in 1994 and has a diversified appellate and trial practice in a variety of areas. He has argued before the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and the Supreme Judicial Court.

His experience includes representing directors and officers and professionals including physicians, hospitals and practice groups, and other health care providers. He has litigated and counseled as to employment disputes, Bivens and civil rights actions, civil RICO, business tort and contractual disputes, aviation, life sciences, and copyright and trademark matters as well as represented insurers in insurance practice claims and litigation. Tory lectures on appellate practice and authored a number of publications.  He is the Editor of the MA Appellate Practice and Procedure Bulletin and Co-Editor of Aviation Update newsletter.

About MassDLA

The Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association is a voluntary association of trial lawyers who defend corporations, individuals and insurance companies in civil lawsuits. The purpose of the MassDLA is to improve the administration of justice, legal education, and professional standards and to promote collegiality and civility among all members of the bar. MassDLA welcomes diversity in all categories, in its members, officers and board of directors.

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