Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Defense

As part of Morrison Mahoney’s Employment & Labor Practice, we routinely assist business owners and operators to achieve and maintain full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and applicable state and local disability codes. We have counseled and defended clients that are classified under Title III of the ADA as public accommodations and Title II as public entities with regard to ADA lawsuits and Department of Justice (DOJ) proceedings.  In this area, we have experience representing various entities, such as retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, sports arenas, and other public entities. 

With regard to ADA, we have experience in both counseling and defending against such claims.  Our attorneys seek to help clients by assessing their property and policies, identifying potential shortfalls, and recommending expedient, cost-effective solutions.  These assessments include the breadth of ADA requirements, such as architectural features, communications, and website issues.  Further, Morrison Mahoney’s attorneys have successfully defended clients in a wide array of ADA-related matters.  Although we counsel clients in having their property and policies ADA compliant so as to prevent claims, if there are claims, we are prepared to litigate or engage in expeditious settlement negotiations, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution where merited.

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