Arson and Fraud

Insurance fraud is omnipresent and takes many different forms. The insurance defense industry has risen to the task of weeding out illegitimate claims. However, challenges remain. In such a highly regulated environment, proper handling of suspected fraud claims is the key to a successful arson or fraud defense. 

The basis of a successful arson or fraud defense begins with an immediate and thorough investigation. For years, attorneys at Morrison Mahoney have worked closely with fire cause and origin experts and other expert consultants to ensure that a thorough evaluation of the fire scene is conducted and important evidence preserved. Working closely with claims personnel, appropriate measures are recommended to ensure that the insurer’s rights are protected during the investigation and adjustment of the claim and to design and implement an effective investigation strategy.

Our attorneys have experience providing comprehensive legal analysis of the likelihood of a successful arson defense based upon the facts gathered through the company’s investigation. We also provide clients with advice and direction concerning appropriate responses and related issues such as dealing with others having an interest in the insurance proceeds. Should a matter proceed to litigation, the same experienced trial lawyers who provided guidance to the company through its claim investigation will continue to defend the matter through trial.  Over the years, Morrison Mahoney has maintained a very high success rate in arson cases tried throughout the northeastern United States.

Our arson and fraud attorneys have practical experience in all aspects of claims handling and investigation, including:

  • Collaboration with SIU, IFB, State Fire Marshals, State Police and representatives of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • Developing and implementing claim handling strategies
  • Conducting examinations under oath
  • Compliance with claim handling regulations

For more information about how we can assist you with an arson or fraud legal matter, please contact any of our arson and fraud attorneys.

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