Alternative Dispute Resolution

Every matter is not suitable for trial, so Morrison Mahoney offers the ability to resolve disputes in every other conceivable way. We help our clients by identifying the appropriate format for the resolution of any particular dispute and customizing an effective resolution strategy.

Our attorneys participate in hundreds of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) efforts each year, and have formed professional relationships with nearly all of the ADR providers in the Northeast.  

We recognize that different approaches are required for different formats. Our distinct approaches to the various means of ADR include:

  • Private mediation
  • Court-ordered mediation
  • Traditional AAA arbitration
  • Private arbitration
  • Private arbitration variants, (hi/lo, etc.)
  • Court-ordered, non-binding arbitration

A number of our partners serve as both mediators and arbitrators in various ADR settings, including insurance references, reinsurance disputes, commercial arbitration, construction arbitration, and labor arbitration.

For more information about how we can assist you with an alternative way to resolve your dispute, please contact any of our ADR attorneys.

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