Municipal Liability

Public attention rightfully penetrates the functions of governmental entities and their employees. Managing a transparent environment under unique statutory and regulatory schemes requires experienced legal representation. Forged from representation of hundreds of public entities and officials, Morrison Mahoney’s Governmental and Municipal Liability attorneys possess the skills to navigate litigation and offer consultation in the public realm.

Throughout the Northeast, we represent cities, towns, school districts, public utilities, law enforcement agencies, and their employees, boards, committees, and officials—both elected and appointed—in controversies involving employment, tort-related injuries, school management, and municipal regulation. We also provide consultation in employment practices, assist with labor negotiations, and conduct investigations into misconduct. 

Our attorneys’ activities include:

  • Representation in state and federal courts, agencies, state fair employment practice agencies, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Training sessions on employment practices, discrimination, civil rights, and state’s tort claims act
  • Investigations into workplace misconduct
  • Collective bargaining and labor negotiations
  • Consultation on statutory and regulatory compliance

Contact any of our governmental/municipal liability attorneys for more information about how we can service your legal needs.  

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