Oct 12 2015

Springfield Partner Jack Burke Gives Presentation on Confidentiality of Medical Records

Springfield Partner Jack Burke gave a well-received presentation at the Neurology Department Grand Rounds at Baystate Medical Center before over thirty neurologists and their colleagues. The topic was the confidentiality of medical records under HIPAA and state case law and statutes, and what is required of doctors when faced with a records subpoena or a subpoena to testify.

A wide-ranging discussion resulted regarding the confidentiality protections in DIA and in-court subpoenas under the recent change to MRCP 45 (allowing records-only subpoenas), what is expected of the doctor when the subpoena requires that they appear, the differences between treating physician testimony and litigation expert testimony, and medical vs. legal advocacy for the client/patient. Jack has been invited back to present at future Grand Rounds on other legal topics.

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