Feb 7 2023

Morrison Mahoney Associate Kayla Turner Receives Recognition as "Pro Bono Rising Star"

Morrison Mahoney associate Kayla Turner is being recognized at the New Hampshire Bar Association’s annual meeting on February 17, 2023 as a “Pro Bono Rising Star” by 603 Legal Aid for her work as a DOVE Project volunteer. 603 Legal Aid is a civil legal aid provider offering legal representation, advocacy, and education. In partnership with volunteer attorneys and community organizations, 603 Legal Aid works to make justice a reality for and with people who experience economic hardship that threatens their basic human needs. As a DOVE Project volunteer, Kayla represents victims of domestic violence and stalking at their final protective order hearings, where she “consistently exceeds her client's expectations . . .” and “often obtains additional orders which provide for housing and financial support . . .” Morrison Mahoney is proud to support pro bono work, and we applaud Kaya for her efforts.

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