Jan 19 2022

Amy B. Yarbro to Present at Long-Term Care Webinar

Morrison Mahoney Partner Amy B. Yarbro will be presenting at an upcoming webinar with CareSafely on legal issues related to COVID-19 that affect the long-term care community. 

The rise in COVID-19 cases in an already stressed and highly regulated industry has led to increased costs for compliance, operations, training, and litigation. 

How can you prevent liability exposure and reduce costs? Join a panel of legal, risk, and operations professionals as they provide practical ways to manage liability risk in a free informative webinar. They will cover:

  • Liability Trends 
  • Strategies to reduce legal claims and litigation
  • Modernizing risk/compliance process  

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, January 19th at 1 PM ET.

To register, click here.