Sep 17 2021

Daniel Marvin and Alex D’Amico to Present on Cross-Border Data Transfer Rules

In recent years, states such as California have passed monumental data privacy laws that have brought some of the rights and responsibilities implemented in the European Union (EU) by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into the fray of US data privacy. Cross-border data transfers, however, are an aspect regulated by the GDPR that has yet to be addressed by state or federal data privacy legislation in the US. Nevertheless, the GDPR's rules regarding cross-border data transfers have a profound impact on US and EU businesses alike. Daniel and Alex will discuss: 

  • The definition of cross-border data transfers
  • Why cross-border data transfers are a hot button issue in data privacy law
  • How to determine if the GDPR's rules apply to your organization or client
  • How your organization or client might be a participant in a cross-border data transfer
  • What the GDPR says about cross-border data transfers
  • Why compliance with the cross-border data transfer rules is important
  • How the cross-border data transfer rules approach data transfers from the EU to the US
  • Recent developments regarding the cross-border data transfer rules
  • How to comply with the cross-border data transfer rules

This webcast is a CLE program on Cybersecurity Law. Credits are applicable based on the state. Click here to register.