Jun 5 2019


Jun 7 2019

Morrison Mahoney Partner Michael Aylward to Present at DRI’s Insurance Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Liability

In 2018, after eight years of debate and controversy, the American Law Institute approved its new Restatement of Law, Liability Insurance, including significant new provisions relating to obligations of insurers to make “reasonable settlement decisions” and to investigate, defend, and resolve claims against policyholders. 

On Friday, June 7, Michael Aylward will co-present "ALI Restatement: What Happened and How It May Affect Extra-Contractual Claims," and cover ways this new Restatement will likely have a significant effect on the future of bad faith litigation.

Michael was deeply involved in its development and debate leading to ALI approval will discuss the key provisions bearing on bad faith claims and how they contrast with the common law approach that most states follow. 

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