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Overtime Exemption for Agricultural Workers in the Cannabis Industry

Apr 10 2019
While Massachusetts courts have yet to address issues narrow to the cannabis industry, courts can nevertheless influence industry practices on such broader terms as labor and employment. For instance, the Supreme Judicial Court in a recent decision addressed whether certain workers employed at a bean sprout farm fell under the agricultural exemption to the Massachusetts overtime statute. By applying the “plain language” of the exemption to facts common to many agricultural workplaces, the SJC’s decision can be followed by employers in the cannabis industry to reduce the risk of improper treatment, classification, and compensation of its cultivation employees.

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Trial Verdict 2019-10: Morrison Mahoney Partner Sean McDonough and Associate Jill McGrath Obtain Defense Verdict at Waltham District Court

Mar 25 2019
Morrison Mahoney Partner Sean McDonough and Associate Jill McGrath obtained a defense verdict for one of the world’s largest retail corporations at a jury trial at the Waltham District Court. The plaintiff alleged that she suffered torn ankle tendons and permanent back and radicular pain as a result of a slip and fall on a rolled curb designed and used by our retail client.

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Trial Verdict 2019-7: Morrison Mahoney Partner Jeff O’Connor Obtains Defense Verdict in Hampden Superior Court

Mar 7 2019
Morrison Mahoney Partner Jeff O’Connor obtained a defense verdict following an eight day legal malpractice jury trial in Hampden Superior Court. The plaintiffs alleged that our client, their former attorney, provided negligent advice and representation in connection with their purchase of a new home, resulting in their being responsible for upwards of $70,000 in costs to repair alleged defective conditions on the property.

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