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Getting Started With the California Consumer Privacy Act - PART II: Drafting a Privacy Policy

Jul 24 2020
In Part I, we explained the basics of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA” or “the Act”).
For those businesses which are subject to the Act, the first step towards compliance is
confronting the reason the legislation was passed in the first place: disclosure! In order for a
business to avoid legal trouble with their California clients, or the Office of the Attorney General
(“OAG”), it needs to implement a privacy policy that gives consumers effective notice about the
information that is being collected.

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In Wake of GDPR, U.S. States Continue to Strengthen Data Privacy Laws

Jun 4 2018
Now that the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has taken effect, many businesses are dealing with the inevitable post-compliance hangover, while others are breathing a sigh of relief that they were not impacted. For those businesses not impacted, it is important to remember that although they may not be subject to the GDPR, and there is no universal federal data protection law in the United States akin to the GDPR, there is still a significant number of federal and state data privacy laws to which they may be subject.

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Blockchain Will Change the Insurance Industry

Feb 6 2018
When the internet started to gain widespread commercial use in the early 1990s, few could have predicted the massive shift that it would have on our lives. Now, a new technology, which sits atop the internet, has the ability to cause a seismic shift in how we interact with data, and will most likely meaningfully impact virtually every person and industry.

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LISTEN: Cyber-security: Common Sense Best Practices

Jun 14 2017
Morrison Mahoney Partner Daniel Marvin recently participated in “LIASB Overtime:” the Long Island Advancement of Small Business’ online business development series where listeners get insightful information on various business topics from business professionals. The topic of discussion was Cyber-security: Common Sense Best Practices.

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Second Circuit Weighs in on Data Breach Standing

May 15 2017
In his latest post, Dan Marvin discusses the Second Circuits recent decision in Whalen v. Michaels Stores, which the Court found that general allegations of an increased risk of future identity theft is insufficient to confer constitutional standing to sue on a plaintiff whose personal identifying information was stolen in a data breach.

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