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The Charitable Cap: When It Applies, Who It Protects and Why It Matters

Oct 25 2022
When a charitable organization is sued, its best defense may be the jurisdictional statutory cap on damages. It is important to understand the protection that statutory caps provide, the conditions that need to be satisfied for the cap to apply, and any limitations to the parties entitled to the protection of the cap. In this article, Morrison Mahoney partner John Knight explores these issues by analyzing the Massachusetts Charitable Immunity Cap.

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Gilding the Lily in Personal Injury Cases: Strategies for Undermining Plaintiff Credibility

Jul 21 2022
Defense lawyers are always trying to reduce damages alleged by a plaintiff. The best strategy to accomplish this goal would seem to be to challenge any attempt by a plaintiff to inflate damages, but the best strategy—in discovery and at plaintiff depositions—is frequently the opposite. This article will use a recent trial involving a plaintiff who completely exaggerated her complaints to illustrate how effective it can be to encourage the plaintiff to overstate, or even fabricate, their complaints.

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Making Sure That the Best Case Truly is a Settled Case

Apr 13 2022
The truism in the insurance world that “the best case is a settled case” is sometimes worth a closer look. In this article, John illustrates the potential complexities that can arise in the setting of construction projects which involve numerous parties and numerous policies of insurance, and provides thoughtful suggestions on how to avoid costly risks to construction insurers.

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