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U.S. Courts Set Their Sights On The War Exclusion

Sep 10 2019
The two risks that most insurers are least interested in underwriting are nuclear accidents and war. While nuclear accidents have been blessedly infrequent (sorry, Karen Silkwood), the scope and import of war exclusions have a long and curious history, ranging from marine losses to raiders during the American Civil War to airline hijackings by the PLO during the 1970s.

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SJC Agrees To Decide Whether Insurers May Recoup Defense Costs

Oct 12 2017
Morrison Mahoney Partner and MassDLA Insurance Law Co-Chair Michael F. Aylward analyzes the Supreme Judicial Court's announcement that it will review an insurer's right to recoup defense costs where the insurer is later found not to have owed a duty to defend in Holyoke Mut. Ins. Co. v. Vibram USA, Inc.

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