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Brian Suslak Obtains Victory in Massachusetts Appeals Court

Apr 13 2022
In January 2022, Morrison Mahoney Partner Brian Suslak, who took over handling of the case following Bill Staar’s departure from the firm, argued an appeal on behalf of Milton CAT. In March 2022, the Appeals Court affirmed the dismissal of the c. 93A claim and entry of summary judgment on the remaining counts.

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Adam Mordecai Obtained a Favorable Verdict in Cheshire County Superior Court

Apr 1 2022
Morrison Mahoney Partner Adam Mordecai obtained a favorable verdict in Cheshire County Superior Court after a 5 day trial. This admitted liability case arose out of a high-speed automobile collision that the plaintiff alleged caused him to sustain both minor physical injuries and a disputed traumatic brain injury with persisting, ongoing, and permanent symptoms including cognitive deficits and emotional impacts.

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