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Courtroom Success 2019-14: Morrison Mahoney Partner Christopher Martin Secures Summary Judgment in Construction Defect Matter

May 6 2019
Morrison Mahoney Partner Christopher Martin secured a summary judgment in a large community-wide construction defect matter on behalf of an international windows and doors distributor. The windows and doors were the subject of a federal court multi-district litigation judgment which involved the same developer in the present matter and claims by that developer were estopped by res judicata.

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Overtime Exemption for Agricultural Workers in the Cannabis Industry

Apr 10 2019
While Massachusetts courts have yet to address issues narrow to the cannabis industry, courts can nevertheless influence industry practices on such broader terms as labor and employment. For instance, the Supreme Judicial Court in a recent decision addressed whether certain workers employed at a bean sprout farm fell under the agricultural exemption to the Massachusetts overtime statute. By applying the “plain language” of the exemption to facts common to many agricultural workplaces, the SJC’s decision can be followed by employers in the cannabis industry to reduce the risk of improper treatment, classification, and compensation of its cultivation employees.

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Courtroom Success 2019-1: Morrison Mahoney Partner Clark Yudysky and Associate Erin McKenna Obtain Summary Judgment in Providence Superior Court

Jan 23 2019
Morrison Mahoney Partner Clark Yudysky and Associate Erin McKenna obtained a summary judgment in a Rhode Island premises liability case.

In this matter, plaintiff, a tenant in the defendant’s apartment complex, alleged that she tripped and fell due to a rocky uneven surface covered with rocks and shrubbery of various sizes and shapes located on the pathway in the backyard of the premises.

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