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Getting Started With the California Consumer Privacy Act - PART II: Drafting a Privacy Policy

Jul 24 2020
In Part I, we explained the basics of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA” or “the Act”).
For those businesses which are subject to the Act, the first step towards compliance is
confronting the reason the legislation was passed in the first place: disclosure! In order for a
business to avoid legal trouble with their California clients, or the Office of the Attorney General
(“OAG”), it needs to implement a privacy policy that gives consumers effective notice about the
information that is being collected.

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U.S. Courts Set Their Sights On The War Exclusion

Sep 10 2019
The two risks that most insurers are least interested in underwriting are nuclear accidents and war. While nuclear accidents have been blessedly infrequent (sorry, Karen Silkwood), the scope and import of war exclusions have a long and curious history, ranging from marine losses to raiders during the American Civil War to airline hijackings by the PLO during the 1970s.

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With Announcement of $1.25 Million Penalty, SEC Again Places Companies on Notice of Duty to Protect Customer Information

Jul 31 2018
Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced a consent cease and desist order and sanctions against Mizuho Securities USA LLC for its failure to enforce policies and procedures designed to protect against the disclosure of material non-public information between “execution and sales traders” to other traders and externally to customers.

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