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COVID-19 Related Liability Immunity in Vermont for Medical Providers

Jun 5 2020
ADDENDUM 9 TO EXECUTIVE ORDER 01-20, dated April 20, 2020, indicates that liability immunity available under existing law will apply to “Health Care Facilities, Health Care Providers, and Health Care Volunteers” providing “emergency management service[s] or response activity” in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Related Liability Immunity in New Hampshire for Medical Providers

Jun 1 2020
New Hampshire has not enacted or introduced any new legislation to immunize emergency responders, healthcare workers, hospitals, long-term care or similar nursing or residential care facilities from COVID-19-related liability, nor has the Governor addressed this important issue by Executive Order, or in any of the forty (40) Emergency Orders issued since a State of Emergency was declared on March 13, 2020.

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Telehealth & Telemedicine Post COVID-19: A New York Perspective

Apr 17 2020
The novel coronavirus did not give birth to telehealth and telemedicine, but its wide-ranging impact has generated an exponential increase in the use of this technology. Under these circumstances, healthcare practitioners should familiarize and/or reacquaint themselves with what they need to know when practicing in this environment.

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