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Impact of COVID-19 on Future Litigation/Courts

Potential Enforceability of COVID-19 Waivers in Recreational Contexts in Connecticut and Surrounding States

Sep 22 2020
As states across the country implement their reopening procedures and issue health and safety guidelines to businesses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses such as gyms, and other providers of recreational activities may require patrons to sign liability releases or waivers to exculpate the provider from liability should a patron contract COVID-19 while engaging in the recreational activity sponsored by or at the provider’s facility.

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5 Ethical Traps for Lawyers to Avoid During COVID-19

Jun 9 2020
Many offices and courts are still closed, and social distancing measures remain in place. While lawyers are working hard to serve their clients and sustain their businesses during these tough times, compliance with ethical rules should never be far from mind.

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COVID-19: Anticipated Spike in Low-Tiered Insurance Fraud Scams

Apr 24 2020
While it is perhaps too early to determine the amount of insurance fraud that may be initiated by the current economic crisis, with unemployment skyrocketing and businesses shuttering, we will certainly see a spike in low-tiered insurance fraud scams that in the aggregate will be very substantial.

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Nursing Home/Long-Term Care Facilities