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Getting Started With the California Consumer Privacy Act - PART II: Drafting a Privacy Policy

Jul 24 2020
In Part I, we explained the basics of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA” or “the Act”).
For those businesses which are subject to the Act, the first step towards compliance is
confronting the reason the legislation was passed in the first place: disclosure! In order for a
business to avoid legal trouble with their California clients, or the Office of the Attorney General
(“OAG”), it needs to implement a privacy policy that gives consumers effective notice about the
information that is being collected.

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Bill Staar and Catherine Bousquet Obtain Summary Judgment in New Hampshire Superior Court

Jul 7 2020
Morrison Mahoney LLP Partner, Bill Staar, and Associate, Catherine Bousquet, recently won a motion for summary judgment on behalf of the Derry Village (New Hampshire) Condominium Association ("Derry") and its property manager, i.e., Cedar Management Group ("Cedar") in a $2,000,000-demand lawsuit stemming from a significant slip-and-fall accident. (Theberge v. Derry Village Condominium Association, et al.; New Hampshire Superior Court (Rockingham County); No.-218-2018-CV-01112)

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Implications of the New Jersey Licensed Server Liability Act

May 13 2020
The New Jersey Licensed Server Liability Act specifically states that a server shall be deemed to have been negligent only when the server served a visibly intoxicated patron or served a minor under circumstances where the server knew, or reasonably should have known, that the person was a minor.

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Doug McInnis Obtains Summary Judgment in Middlesex Superior Court

Apr 22 2020
Morrison Mahoney Of Counsel Doug McInnis recently won a summary judgment motion in a liability case where the plaintiff sustained catastrophic injuries after he fell approximately 18 feet off of a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) while he was accepting a freight delivery for his employer.

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