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Morrison Mahoney's Kevin Buono and Lauren Denault Secure Back-to-Back Summary Judgments on Behalf of Massachusetts Nursing Home Administrators in Consistent Decisions

Aug 25 2022
Kevin Buono and Lauren Denault recently obtained two back-to-back dispositive victories in the Superior Court, which, in consistent decisions, rejected theories by the plaintiff in each case that state and federal health care regulations impose legal duties upon licensed nursing home administrators owed to individual nursing home patients.

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Gilding the Lily in Personal Injury Cases: Strategies for Undermining Plaintiff Credibility

Jul 21 2022
Defense lawyers are always trying to reduce damages alleged by a plaintiff. The best strategy to accomplish this goal would seem to be to challenge any attempt by a plaintiff to inflate damages, but the best strategy—in discovery and at plaintiff depositions—is frequently the opposite. This article will use a recent trial involving a plaintiff who completely exaggerated her complaints to illustrate how effective it can be to encourage the plaintiff to overstate, or even fabricate, their complaints.

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